Completed Events


All events took place in 2012. Photos are available in the Photo Galleries section of the website.

Sat., Oct. 20: Twenty-fifth Annual Hillsborough River & Coastal Cleanup. (Organized by Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful). The Humanities Institute will have a table at the events, with flyers and publicity about the project, and materials from community partners. For more information [visit the KTBB website]

Sat., Oct. 20: Sierra Club River Paddle and Clean-up Meet at Riverhills Park boat ramp near 56th St. at 9:00am.
While participating in the River Cleanup, participants will explore a hidden gem located in the middle of urban Tampa. Departing from Riverhills Park, we learn about the unknown oxbow called Orange Lake by the locals, ending the trip near the dam at Rowlett Park. We learn about the natural history of the oxbow, where Tampa gets its water, the wildlife and more. Approximately 5 miles. Come prepared to pick up litter floating in the river. Bring snacks, water, sunscreen, etc. After the paddle we can join other volunteers at Lowry Park               for Rollin’ on the River Rally. To pre-register, contact the leader, Sierra Club’s Gail Parsons Cell: 813-928-1412

Monday, Oct. 22: Dr. Kevin McCarthy, Professor Emeritus of English, University of Florida: “10 Little-known Facts About the Hillsborough River,” USF Patel Center Auditorium. 7:00pm, reception to follow. In this opening event, Dr. McCarthy discusses little-known but important details that explain the river’s history. Reception will feature digital displays of historic photos.
[Parking at Patel]

Thurs. Oct. 25: Karen Glaser: 2010 Tampa Photographer Laureate. “Above & Below Florida’s Freshwaters.” USF, Patel Center Auditorium. 7:00pm, reception to follow.Glaser’s interest in the Hillsborough grew out of a 20 year, pure obsession with Florida’s freshwaters in general. This includes Florida’s springs, rivers, and swamps. Karen approaches her subject from an art background; her photographs are in no way intended to be a scientific mapping of Florida’s wilds. Glaser’s personal views convey the mystery and primal power of these environments in a unique, alluring and visceral way. On October 25th Karen Glaser will talk about the evolution of her Florida projects starting with Mysterious Manatees, then The Mark of Water: Florida’s Springs and Swamps to The Hillsborough River: From the Green Swamp to the Bay.[Parking at Patel]

Sat. Nov. 17 **Changed from Oct. 27: Dr. Brent Weisman, USF Anthropology Professor. “A Walk Through Time: Archeology and History on the Hillsborough River.” Depart from Morris Bridge Wilderness Trail at 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. Dr Weisman will lead a guided hike “back in time” to historic places where human cultures of the distant and recent past interacted with the river’s natural environment.

Sun. Oct. 28: Hadrian Alegarbes, River Guide, will lead a canoe paddle on the river, putting in at USF Riverfront Park, Fletcher Ave., 10:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Topics covered will include: How Florida was found by "Lost" people, glaciers, how wild boar, maple trees, and Brazilian pepper end up here, and why you should be a crazy advocate for native plants. It is preferred that at least one participant per boat have experience steering a canoe. Please be prepared to listen and watch for beautiful things in a quiet, natural environment.

Tues. Oct. 30: Dr. Laura Runge, USF English Professor. “A Year Spent on the Hillsborough River.” Grace Allen Room (USF Library) 3:30pm reception, 4:00pm talk. Dr. Runge walked the River at sever sites each month for a year, recording observations through writing and photography, to reach a deeper understanding of the human role in the ecosystem. She will present a public lecture with photographs and readings from the memoir.

Thurs. Nov. 1: Dr. Philip Levy, USF History Professor. “Fellow Travelers: Spaniards and Natives on Florida’s Early Trails.” Temple Terrace Community Church: 210 Inverness Ave. 7:00pm. Dr. Levy will address the relationships between 16th century Spanish explorers and the Native peoples they met and traveled with, focusing on why the conquistadores failed so badly along the Hillsborough. Co-sponsored by Temple Terrace Preservation Society.

Sat. Nov. 3rd: Public Archaeology and History Day, MacDill Park: 100 N. Ashley St. (downtown Tampa), presented by the Florida Public Archaeology Network, USF Center. Hands-on activities and presentations; educational fun for the whole family, 10:00am – 3:00pm

Wed. Nov. 7th, USF: “The River as a Resource for All” USF Patel Center. 7:00pm, reception to follow. Closing event focusing on the future of the Hillsborough River. Panelists will beTerry Tomalin (Tampa Bay Times), Chris Meindl (USF St. Pete Florida Studies Director), Krista McKean (Lowry Park Zoo), and Bob McDonaugh (City of Tampa). Featuring the art of photographer Carol Kay. Meet the artist              and view her work during the reception in the Patel Center lobby. [Parking at Patel]

Sat. Nov. 10th: Hillsborough River Challenge, part of Riverfest 2012. Hosted by the Rotary Club of Temple Terrace. Activities for all, from a leisurely 5 mile family fun paddle to challenging long-distance races. For more details, visit: www.